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Camp blast


New Edu-Kits are AVAILABLE.

Six new kits for grades 1-6

Call or email for details

Each Education Kit Contains:?

Grade specific support booklet

Curriculum Connections

Activity Cards

Activity Descriptions and Outcomes

Handling Artifacts and guide

Resource Books

List of additional books, recommended resources, and websites

Edu-Kits must be picked up from and returned to the Museum.


Outreach Programs

Unable to come to us? Let us come to you!

?An Introduction to the

First Nations People of Ontario

During this hands-on and digital presentation, students will learn about the history of Ontario’s First Nations people before European contact and explore how changes in the climate and environment affected their ways of life and technology over time.

1.5 hour program

(includes Artifact handling + 1 workshop)

for up to 30 students: $100 + mileage ($0.45/km)

(extra students are $2 max. 45)

Bundle programs on the same day and save!

1 class? = $100 + mileage

2 classes? = $180 + mileage

3 classes = $250 + mileage

(Classes receive programs separately throughout the day; each class may choose a different workshop)

If you have any questions about our educational programs, please contact Katie Urban- Learning Coordinator : katie@cá độ bóng đá trên điện thoại or give us a call: 519-473-1360

Program Costs:


  • $50 for 2 weeks

Outreach Program for up to 30 students

  • $100 + mileage at $0.45/km
    (additional students $1.25 ea.)
Booking a Program:

Please click the link for more information: Booking a Program